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Two brilliant approaches to family devotions: starting with ages 5 to 12, Faith Box is a unique yet simple way to create a weekly family time filled with surprise, fun, family games, discussion and learning based on the 'big promises of God'. And for older kids, Faith Talk Triggers are designed to create God-centred conversations with pre-teens and teenagers.


first step is to Choose your product range according to age.

For ages 5 to 12, we recommend Faith Box and for ages 10 and up, Faith Talk Triggers.

If choosing Faith Box, you can opt for digital downloads or physical products.  Faith Box is made up of fun and interactive manuals. Each manual is designed to cover a 12 week period with 4 manuals covering a full calendar year. We also offer a two year set with 8 manuals. Choose any lesson you like, or you can follow the recommended calendar and lesson plan. When you order your Faith Box, it automatically arrives with the manual that corresponds to the appropriate time of year.

Faith Talk Trigger Cards are ideal for older kids. Topics that get teens engaged and talking. 40 Topics covered and great for keeping communication open while building faith.


Faith box - digital downloads

Need a session immediately? Or want to share it with a small group by email? Get your hands on Faith Box's printable downloads. Fun and engaging 20-minute sessions. Immediately after purchasing, you will receive the file link by email - all you need to do is follow along the 4 pages of fun games, interactive activities, Bible readings and a prayer, You can save to your computer and print if you wish. 

faith box - physical versions

A 20-minute weekly family time in a box! Now's the time to share your faith - perfect for kids ages 5 to 12! Each tin box comes with your choice of 1, 4 or all 8 manuals. Each manual contains 12 sessions that walk you through a faith topic - with a Bible reading, fun games, conversation starters, interactive activities and a prayer.

The step-by-step manual makes is easy!

faith talk trigger cards

*NEW* launched March 2018! Want to have great God-centred conversations with your kids and teens? It's easy with these Faith Talk Triggers! 40 conversation starter topics from Temptation to Peer Pressure. Great for the dinner table, the bach or the beach! Will get your teens talking!

 Wendy Smit  (Administrator) , Nancy Green  (Director),  Rachel Ballentyne  (Board Member)

Wendy Smit (Administrator), Nancy Green (Director), Rachel Ballentyne (Board Member)


The story behind Faith Box

Mary Grant and her friend Presbyterian minister Nikki Watkin met in the supermarket and discovered that they knew many parents who wanted to engage their children on faith but did not know how. Many were discouraged from devotions after experiencing resistance from their children. It became Mary and Nikki's mission to use their combined 56 years in children's ministry to develop a tool that kids would love and parents would find fun and easy. 

As a homeschooling mum of 4 kids, Nancy Green bought Faith Box when it was launched in 2011 by Mary Grant. What amazed her was how much Faith Box turned the tables: instead of imploring on her children to join in on family devotions, they begged for "Faith Box time"...even offering to help with chores to free up time.  So, Nancy became a big fan and joined the Faith Box team as volunteer and became the director 4 years ago. .



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Faith Box

“Thank you so much, we were recommended the Faith Box by my In-laws. They do it once a week with their grandchildren - how awesome is that!” Rachel

"Thanks so much for the wonderful resource that FaithBox is! We have only recently discovered it for our family and have now completed Book One. I can't speak highly enough of it and I'm recommending it to all my friends here in Timaru!

It's a perfect, FUN, way to share devotions with a family with no pressure on anyone. The ideas and activities and presentation are top-class. I'm so excited to see the volumes just keep coming." Amanda


Faith Talk Trigger Cards

"Our 13-year-old daughter ploughed through 6 cards in one night and wanted to keep going! We had to stop the conversation in order to space them out! A pretty great problem to have.”  M Glasgow-Palmer, April 2018

 “These cards raise subjects that haven’t come up before, and highlight things our kids are dealing with that we didn’t know. The Take-away wraps things up nicely – this is just what we needed!” R. Ballentyne, May 2018

“We have had one very interesting round table already, based on Pollution. More to come!” N. Boswell, April 2018