Dad Man & Faith Talk Trigger Cards Combo


Dad Man & Faith Talk Trigger Cards Combo

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Celebrating Father’s Special Offer!!!

Why not spoil your Dad or husband with these amazing gifts of Faith.

Only $20.00 for a set of Faith Talk Trigger Cards AND a set of D.A.D man cards.

  • What are the D.A.D man cards? We men give fatherhood a good name when we are available to our children, wives or partners. And this doesn't have to be hard. We can do the things that come naturally to us as men - active games, teaching life skills and having loads of fun. These 24 'man cards are designed to help dads provide awesome parenting for their children in a pressured and busy world.

  • Faith Talk Trigger Cards are great fun and your Dad’s will love how they get conversations of Faith going!

Teens need to work out faith, bounce ideas off loving adults, and discover truth for themselves. Want to have great God-centred conversations with your kids and teens?

It’s easy with these Faith Talk Trigger Cards!

  • Fun “would you rather” openers that get teens talking

  • 40 topics from Reputation to Forgiveness, Temptation to Peer Pressure

  • Great anytime: dinner table, at the beach, road trips

  • Proudly Kiwi-made

  • Don’t miss your chance while they’re still in your homes, cars & youth groups

Keep the line of communication open and enjoy hearing your kids chew on these topics!

One pack - contains 40 cards (Also available in a 3-pack or 10-pack)

Watch their spiritual understanding will grow - one topic and a time!

“Our 13-year-old daughter ploughed through 6 cards in one night and wanted to keep going! We had to stop the conversation in order to space them out! A pretty great problem to have.”  M Glasgow-Palmer, April 2018

“We have had one very interesting round table already, based on Pollution. More to come!” N. Boswell, April 2018

“These cards raise subjects that haven’t come up before, and highlight things our kids are dealing with that we didn’t know. The Take-away wraps things up nicely – this is just what we needed!” R. Ballentyne, May 2018

“These cards are a fabulous idea and so easy to use with multiple ages.” N. Joy, May 2018

Allow your kids and teenagers to:

    • nut out faith and learn to apply God’s truth

    • bounce up against loving adults

    • develop their own faith while navigating their world

“We ended up deep in conversation hearing things our sons were thinking that we hadn’t known about. It gives me goosies just talking about it! I recommend these cards to all our youth workers and encourage all ministry leaders to get a set into the hands of every family’s parents/grandparents! These cards open up conversations in a non-threatening, everyone-on-the-same-level kind of way. It’s great to hear everyone’s heart and mind. Thank you for this amazing resource!” J Becker, Children & Families Ministry Facilitator, Anglican Diocese

“I took the Faith Talk Triggers to my intermediate group and everybody was absolutely riveted. What I really like is that young people can easily lead with it and everyone is engaged. Full marks – it’s fantastic.” T Collins, Pastor, Hope Centre, Levin, NZ

Get yours today!

Also available in a 3-pack or 10-pack (great for gifts and giveaways)


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