Faith Box Volume 8


Faith Box Volume 8


Contains 12 thirty-minute sessions of fun games, conversations starters and Bible readings that equip you to build strong faith and wonderful family memories that last a lifetime! Ideal for kids 5-12 years. Vol 8 of 8.

Time-frame: Weeks 1-4 are designed for Advent/Christmas, Weeks 5-12 are for any time of year


  • Advent & Christmas (easy to construct nativity set in the appendix!)
  • 10 Psalms: be a sheep & act out each verse of the 23rd psalm & have fun while learning how to give your feelings to God
  • 4 Parables: use band aids, coins, fruit & marshmallows to learn about the good Samaritan, buried talents, the mustard seed & the ambitious guest!



Looking for all 8 volumes? Click here for all 97 sessions + CD, magnets & 3 surprise gifts in 1 tidy tin! Can be done weekly over 2 years or at your own pace.

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