Faith Box Volume 7


Faith Box Volume 7


Contains 12 thirty-minute sessions of fun games, conversations starters and Bible readings that equip you to build strong faith and wonderful family memories that last a lifetime! Ideal for kids 5-12 years. Vol 7 of 8

Time-frame: any time of year

Topic: The Ten Commandments as you've never seen them before!

  1. Cut out the “stone tablets” and use them for all 12 sessions!
  2. Reveal deep truths the fun way: with “invisible” lemon juice writing and easy-to-make marshmallow launchers! (Session 1)
  3. Do a simple science experiment with rocks, rice and water to show why we Put God First. (Session 2)
  4. Kids bring their techno gadgets to Faith Box time for a big surprise! (Session 3)
  5. Toss an egg to illustrate how we must treat God’s name with care! (Session 4)
  6. Use cushions to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem with Nehemiah and then rest on the Sabbath (Session 5)
  7. Why is a yellow ribbon tied around tablet #5: Honour your father and your mother? (Session 6)
  8. Play the Face Race with biscuits and learn how to handle anger (Session 7)
  9. Try to put toothpaste back in its tube - lies are messy! (Session 10)
  10. See how the 10 fit into the 2 greatest commandments: Love God and Love Other People (Session 12)



Looking for all 8 volumes? Click here for all 97 sessions + CD, magnets & 3 surprise gifts in 1 tidy tin! Everything you need to share faith with kids! Can be done weekly over 2 years or at your own pace

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