Faith Box: One-Year Set (includes 4 manuals)


Faith Box: One-Year Set (includes 4 manuals)


49 fun faith family sessions to cover a full year. Includes Easter, Halloween alternative, Advent & Christmas, and so much more!

Ideal for ages 5 - 12 years. The fun way to pass your faith to the kids... or gain one together! In just 30 minutes a week.


  • 4 manuals (volumes 1,2,3,4)

  • CD with 3 songs

  • Faith Board fridge magnet

  • 12 Big Promise magnets for underside of lid

  • 2 surprise gifts!

  • Faith Box to keep it together and tidy

Click on each manual below to see the contents, or just trust us - it’s great stuff! I knew we were onto a good thing when my children begged for “Faith Box time!” instead of me dragging them to devotions. What a turnaround!

Manual 1

Manual 2

Manual 3

Manual 4


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