7 week Easter challenge to eat dinner around the table

Welcome to our very first blog! You’ll hear from many voices here about raising kids who love God, love family and love themselves. Mary wants me to say “love others” instead of “love themselves” but hey, that’s the beauty of different points of view. You’ll get to hear from Mary & Ian Grant, parents of 3 and grandparents to 11, myself (Nancy Green) a mum of 4 teenagers, Wendy with her toddler and baby on the way, and this week Jennie Milne, a mum of 3 from our Board who has served in umpteen roles in family ministry, including years as a parent coach.

And what better time to start than on the build-up to Easter Sunday… which is just 7 weeks away. This Wednesday starts Lent, and Jennie challenges us to eat dinner around the table and have faith conversations. To support this 7-week challenge, we are offering 2 Easter specials that kick-start fun family interaction:

Grab one today and get a boost!


Have you ever considered the surprising power of eating dinner together as a family? In a ‘sea of busyness’ where there are so many demands on ours and our children’s time, sitting down and eating together as a family provides a moment to pause and come together and creates a place of safety and connection. Incredibly, research since the turn of this century shows that eating together regularly as a family [at least 5 times a week] is a major key in strengthening families and protecting children as they enter the teenage years – how simple is that! As we sit down to eat together as a family we are unwittingly nourished at a social emotional and spiritual level as well as the more obvious physical one. This is a place to delight in new flavours, to hear family stories, to debate ideas, to pass on/or establish traditions and to roar with laughter at the latest quip from the family comic. As we laugh, talk, listen, question and share a sense of belonging is established. Indeed, it may be the first time in the day someone looks you in your eye and asks “so how was your day?” Another surprising fact! The vast majority of teens say they prefer eating meals with their families than to eating  alone – even when they might tell us otherwise!

So this week, as we enter the season of Lent– that special 40 day period leading up to Easter where we can seek to draw closer to God through fasting and prayer - we challenge you to turn off the TV, pick up a pack of Faith Talk Trigger cards and enjoy regular family meals together. 


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Nancy Green

Nancy Green has a degree in Organisational Communication and brings 15 years of experience in corporate training and 20 years in children’s ministry. She became Director of Faith Box in 2013. She volunteers in children’s ministry at The Upper Room church in Newmarket, as well as a Champions Bible teacher at St Heliers, Cornwall Park and Stanhope primary schools. She home schooled her 4 children (ages 10 to 15 years) for 5 years and is an avid user of Faith Box. Nancy is an accomplished public speaker, encouraging parents to have a future vision for their family and challenging them to practice faith at home. After whangai-ing her toddler to her husband’s Maori grandmother, she speaks from the heart about using the 2000 days in our Window Of Opportunity (ages 5 to 12 years) to WOO our children to Christ.